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Joey Verheijen

Tattoo Artist

Chantal Hueting

Tattoo Artist

Leonardo Lisboa

Tattoo Artist

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Tattoo Artist

Modern version of the “old skool style”

Chantal Hueting

Chantal is an imposing figure and a centre of peace at the shop.

She’s got more than 28 years of experience and even used to own a tattooshop.

So it’s safe to say there’s very little that still surprises her. From a little rose on the buttcheek to intricate backpieces,

she has done it all. Her style is diverse, tight, colourful and somewhat of a modern version of the ‘ old school’ style.

She works with a soft touch and a no bullshit approach. Chantal is one of the reasons why tattoos are so addictive.

Chantal is available at the shop on friday, saturday , sunday and monday.

If you want to be sure her chair is free, please make an appointment in advance.

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Chantal’s work

photorealism en lettering

Joey Verheijen

I am 28 years old and have recently been living in Amsterdam.

I completed Training hotel management, but this turned out not to be for me.

I was already at the time doing a lot of drawing and that’s how I started tattooing at home.

I have now been tattooing for 8 years. Of which I have lived in Germany for 7 years and the last 6 months in Thailand, Koh Samui.

My style is photorealism and lettering. I like portraits the most.

Furthermore, I’am all round in this great profession and am always open to new projects.

Now I’am working at Hanky ​​Panky and I’am really enjoying myself here

with the customers and our super cool team.

Joey has many changing times. If you want to make sure he has time for you, make an appointment in advance.

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Joey’s work

Polynesian Tribals and Tradition/OldSchool tattoos

Leonardo Lisboa

I had my first experience doing tattoos (hand poke)on me and in all over my friends in ‘96.

But just in 2010 I start for real study and receiving profissional education for tattoo. In 2013 I did my firsts tattoos press Katana Tattoo by Matteo Pironti in Milan.

In 2015 I spent some months tattooing on Irezumi Tattoo Shop in Kansas City MO (EUA).

And then, in Brazil worked in Campinas press Trash “Sagrada Tinta”, Florianópolis Derek “Desterro Tattoo Floripa”, and all the times being part of the Toshio Shimada Family Brazil in São Paulo, until now.

I worked in more then 20 tattoo conventions in Brazil and Europe.

I’m Tattooer specialized in Polynesian Tribals and in Tradition/OldSchool tattoos.

Do you wan’t to be sure that Leonardo has time for you? Make an appointment.

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Leonardo’s work